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The Housing Choice Voucher Program

Housing Choice Voucher program is a federal assistance program to help low-income people pay their rent. It is commonly called "Section 8" or "Voucher". People with Housing Choice Vouchers find their own housing and pay a percentage of their income for rent. The San Francisco Housing Authority pays the landlord the rest of the rent. 
Housing Choice Voucher Payment Standard

Housing Choice Voucher Utility Allowance

The following describes the general steps involved in renting to a Section 8 tenant:

  • A family with a current Housing Choice Voucher views your rental unit and wants to rent it. 
  • You screen the tenants to make sure they are suitable. 
  • You agree to lease to the tenants and contact the Housing Choice Voucher office for approval. 
  • The SFHA Housing Choice Voucher Department checks to make sure the family can afford the rent, the rent is reasonable compared to other rents in the community, and the lease is acceptable. 
  • The SFHA sends an inspector to check the rental to make sure it meets program standards. 
  • After the unit passes inspection and the SFHA Housing Choice Voucher Department has received the rental agreement, the SFHA sends you a contract to sign. 
  • You sign the contract with the SFHA. 
  • The family pays its portion of the rent and the SFHA pays the rest. 

​Listing rental units with

This service allows tenants, landlords, and the housing authority to easily access information on available units. The service also allows landlords to upload pictures of the property, for an additional fee. You can list your vacancies on by clicking here.

For a landlord survey, please click here

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