The HOPE VI Program

was developed as a result of recommendations by National Commission on Severely Distressed Public Housing, which was charged with proposing a National Action Plan to eradicate severely distressed public housing. The Commission recommended revitalization in three general areas: physical improvements, management improvements, and social and community services to address resident needs. The specific elements of public housing transformation that have proven key to HOPE VI include: changing the physical shape of public housing; establishing positive incentives for resident self-sufficiency and comprehensive services that empower residents; lessening concentrations of poverty by placing public housing in non-poverty neighborhoods and promoting mixed-income communities; forging partnerships with other agencies, local governments, nonprofit organizations, and private businesses to leverage support and resources.

SFHA revitalized five obsolete public housing sites with 1,149 units of new public and affordable housing with 2,607 bedrooms. Eight more sites are planned under the City’s HOPE SF Program. The SFHA received $118.6 million in HUD HOPE VI grants that leveraged $188.2 million in other private and public funds. The combined revitalization funding $307 million. The breakdown is as follows:

  •     Valencia Gardens $23.2 M HOPE VI Funds and $50.7 M other Funds $74 M
  •     North Beach HOPE VI $23.3 M HOPE VI Funds and $82.8 M other Funds $106.1 M
  •     Plaza East HOPE VI $20.2 M in HOPE VI Funds and $23 M other Funds $43.2 M
  •     Bernal Dwellings HOPE VI $29.8 M HOPE VI Funds and $11.9 M other Funds $41.8 M
  •     Hayes Valley HOPE VI $22.1 M HOPE VI Funds and $20.4 M other Funds $42.5

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