The Public Housing Operations

A Public Housing Agency (PHA) is a governmental body that is authorized to assist in the development or operation of housing for low-income families.
The goal of the Housing Authority of the City & County of San Francisco is to provide decent, safe, sanitary, drug-free housing in good repair to all residents.
In this effort, the agency also strives to improve living conditions for low-income families while charging only 30% of the families’ income for rent.
The rules and regulations that govern Public Housing Authorities are determined by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD).
These rules and regulations are also referenced in the Code of Federal Regulations 24 (CFR). A new CFR is released each year with updated rules and regulations.
You can learn more about the Public Housing Program on HUD’s website here. The waitlist is currently closed.

The Public Housing Operations Department owns and manages the agency’s conventional public housing program. Family housing, senior housing,
and housing for people with disabilities fall under the department’s oversight.

HUD has established a formula that determines how much of your rent you will pay.
Rental payment will be the highest of the following values:

  • 30% of monthly adjusted income (after allowed deductions)
  • 10% of monthly income
  • $25 minimum rent
  • Flat rent (Varies by property as determined by market survey)

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The Housing Authority of the City & County of San Francisco continues working diligently to ensure that essential service​s are provided while following the Department of Public Health's directive to limit any exposure due to COVID-19. To meet customer needs, the Authority, like other City and County of San Francisco departments, has taken immediate action.​​​