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The Housing Authority of the City & County of San Francisco continues working diligently to ensure that essential service​s are provided while following the Department of Public Health's directive to limit any exposure due to COVID-19. To meet customer needs, the Authority, like other City and County of San Francisco departments, has taken immediate action.​​​







April 17, 2020


Dear Residents:


Many of you may have questions regarding your rent payments during this very stressful time. The San Francisco Housing Authority wants to assure you that your housing will not be jeopardized due to the COVID – 19 pandemic. Ensuring the health of you, your family, and your community is our highest priority.  


Please review the following Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)




(1)   Question:  What if I cannot pay my rent?


Answer: If you cannot pay your rent it is advised that you first send an e-mail to your property office informing them that you will not be able to pay your rent.  This will provide you with a written report of your communication to the Property Office:



If you are not able to e-mail the office, a letter hand delivered to the property office or via U.S.P.S. mail stating that you cannot pay rent can be sent to:


Sunnydale:  1654 Sunnydale Ave  San Francisco, California  94134

Potrero:  1095 Connecticut St.  San Francisco, California 94107

Scattered Sites: 363 Noe St.  San Francisco, California  94102


You can take a picture of your letter to maintain a copy of the letter for you records. 


If you do not have an e-mail address or the ability to write a letter to the property office, then you may call the property office at:


  • Sunnydale:  415-715-2311

  • Potrero:  415-715-2225 or 415-715-3835

  • AMP:  415-715-2225 or 415-715-3835


To report the change in income.


(2)   Question: What if I do not want to leave my rent payment in the Property Office drop box?


Answer: You can hold your rent payment until the Shelter In Place is lifted and pay at that time.  Please inform the property office using the steps outlined in number 1 above.


(3)   Question: Where should I pay my rent during this time?


Answer: In the mail slot drop box at the Property Office.


(4)   Question: How do I get a receipt for my records If I have paid my rent?


Answer: The Property Office will send you a receipt in the mail within one (1) week of payment.


(5)   Question:  Is the rent payment drop box secure?


Answer:  Yes


(6)   Question: What if my income has changed and I can no longer the pay the same amount of rent?


Answer: Contact your Property Office through the methods outlined in number 1 above.  The property office will provide you with the packet you need to fill out and walk you through the process if needed.


(7)   Question: What if my employer has not provided verification of my loss of income?


Answer: Contact your Property Office through the methods outlined in number 1 above and describe your situation.  The SFHA will allow self-certification until the Shelter In Place is lifted.  At that time, the SFHA will verify with your employer.


(8)   Question: Can I make partial payments?


Answer: Yes


(9)   Question: If I make partial payments and back rent accrues what are my options?


Answer:  Staff will assist with any adjustments you may need to make payments in the future at an appropriate time.  Please make sure to contact the property office through the methods described in number 1 informing them of your intent to pay partial rent.


(10)                       Question: Who can I call or email from the SFHA if I still have questions?​


Answer: Please see contact list in number 1 above.


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