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The Public Housing Operations Department is responsible for managing the agency’s conventional public housing and the oversight of affordable housing managed by private property management companies. These communities include family housing , senior housing  and housing opportunities for persons with disabilities.


What is the Public Housing Program?


A Public Housing Agency (PHA) is a governmental body that is authorized to assist in the development or operation of housing for low-income families. The goal of the agency is to provide decent, safe, sanitary, drug-free housing in good repair to all SFHA residents. In this effort, the agency also strives to improve living conditions for low-income families while charging only 30% of the families income for rent. The rules and regulations that govern Public Housing Authorities are determined by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD). These rules and regulations are also referenced in the Code of Federal Regulations 24 (CFR). A new CFR is released each year with updated rules and regulations. 


The formula to determine rental payment is the highest of the following: 

-30% of monthly adjusted income (after allowed deductions)

-10% of monthly income or

-$25 Minimum Rent

-Flat Rent (varies by property as determined by market survey)

For more information regarding the Public Housing Program, please click the link below:

 Do you think you qualify for food stamps?  Please click here:


SFHA Public Housing Resident FAQ

​SFHA Public Housing Resident COVID-19 FAQ​


1. Request for Transfer Form.pdf
10. How to Submit a Work Order.pdf
11. How to Submit a Work Order - Spanish.pdf
12. How to Submit a Work Order - Chinese.pdf
13. Manual Work Order Request Form.pdf
14. Manual Work Order Request Form - Spanish.pdf
15. Manual Work Order Request Form - Chinese.pdf
16. Request to Add Family Member Form.pdf
2. Personal Declaration.pdf
4. Request for Informal Settlement Hearing.pdf
5. Request for Translation Certification.pdf
6. Claim Form.pdf
7. Authorization to Release Information.pdf
8. Reasonable Accommodation Forms.pdf
9. Rent Abatement.pdf
CEQA Notice of Exemption-Hayes Valley South.pdf
Contact Information Update - PH.pdf
SFHA - Interim Reexamination Public Housing.pdf
2016 - 2021 Five Year Plan.pdf
ACOP 100118.pdf
Annual Plan FY 2019.pdf
Frequently Asked Questions.pdf
Hearing Procedure.pdf
HUD Smoke Free Policy Fact Sheet.pdf
HUD Smoke Free Policy Information  for Residents.pdf
HUD Smoke Free Policy Recommended 18-Month Timeline.pdf
HUD Smoke Free Policy Recommended Checklist.pdf
LEP Plan.pdf
LEP Procedure.pdf
Limited English Proficiency Plan.pdf
Maintenance Plan 2015.pdf
Public Housing Admission and Continue Occupancy Policy August 1, 2016.pdf
Public Housing Agency Annual Plan 2017.pdf
SFHA ACOP 100119 F.pdf
SFHA-LEP Vital Document List_2017.pdf

 Comparing LH-LIPH Comparison Race Demographics

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