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Procurement Archieves


The Procurement and Contracting Department is responsible for the activities related to the acquisition of supplies, services, and construction to support the Authority's business.  Its primary function is to ensure solicitation activity (Invitations to Bid, Requests for Proposal, Requests for Qualifications, Requests for Quotes, etc.) for the award of contracts and expenditure of funds, comply with federal, state, city and local requirements. Procurement and Contracting also issues purchase orders, develops and issues contracts​, negotiates payment terms and contracts, addresses contract issues, conducts purchasing analytics, vendor quarterly reviews, disposes of surplus assets and is responsible for filing of Section 3 reports in addition to other related functions.

There are currently no open solicitations.



Asset Management Consultant Addendum 1.pdf
Asset Management Consultant.pdf
CPA Audit Consultant.pdf
Electrical Engineering Services.pdf
Elevator Preventive Maintenance II Addendum 1.pdf
Elevator Preventive Maintenance II Addendum 2.pdf
Elevator Preventive Maintenance II.pdf
Elevator Preventive Maintenance.pdf
Fleet Maintenance and Repair Addendum 1.pdf
Fleet Maintenance and Repair.pdf
PBV Homeless Buildings Addendum 1.pdf
PBV Homeless Buildings Addendum 2.pdf
PBV Homeless Buildings Addendum 3 Attachment.pdf
PBV Homeless Buildings Addendum 3.pdf
PBV Homeless Buildings.pdf
PBV VASH Set Aside II.pdf
Process Server.pdf
QAD Compliance Review.pdf
RAD Development Team Bernal Dwellings Addendum 1.pdf
RAD Development Team Bernal Dwellings Addendum 2.pdf
RAD Development Team Bernal Dwellings Addendum 3.pdf
RAD Development Team Bernal Dwellings.pdf
Security Services Addendum 1.pdf
Security Services.pdf
Towing Services II.pdf
Towing Services.pdf
VMS Financial Training.pdf
Accounting and Finance Consultant.pdf
Back Building Roof Replacement.pdf
Carpentry Supplies II.pdf
Carpentry Supplies.pdf
Collection Services Addendum 1.pdf
Collection Services Addendum 2.pdf
Collection Services II Addendum 1.pdf
Collection Services II.pdf
Collection Services.pdf
Electrical Supplies II.pdf
Electrical Supplies.pdf
Finance Operations Consultant Services Addendum 1.pdf
Finance Operations Consultant Services.pdf
Gate System Upgrade Addendum 1.pdf
Gate System Upgrade at 1815 Egbert Ave.PDF
Hazardous Material Abatement Consultant.PDF
Hazardous Materials Abatement Consultant II.PDF
HQS Inspector Services.pdf
Paint Supplies Addendum 1.pdf
Paint Supplies Addendum 2 Template.xlsx
Paint Supplies Addendum 2.pdf
Paint Supplies.pdf
PBV HOPE SF Offsite Relocation Addendum 1.pdf
PBV HOPE SF Offsite Relocation.pdf
Plumbing Supplies II.pdf
Rehabilitation and Transfer of SFHA Scattered Sites.pdf
Seismic Upgrade 363 Noe 4101 Noriega Addendum 1.pdf
Seismic Upgrade 363 Noe 4101 Noriega Addendum 2.pdf
Seismic Upgrade 363 Noe 4101 Noriega Bid Opening Results.pdf
Seismic Upgrade 363 Noe 4101 Noriega Struct 363 Noe.pdf
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1 SFHA Legal Services RFP 019-015-RFP 0019 112719.pdf
1.1 SFHA Legal Services RFP Addendum 1 120219.pdf
1.2 SFHA Legal Services RFP Addendum 2 120919.pdf
1.3 SFHA Legal Services RFP Addendum 3 121019.pdf
1.4 SFHA_Legal Services RFP Addendum 4_121119.pdf
19-020-QTE-0017 Actuarial Services 2019 and 2020.pdf
19-050-RFP-0013 Residential Hazardous Materials Clearance Addendum 1.pdf
19-050-RFP-0013 Residential Hazardous Materials Clearance.pdf
19-060-RFP-0009 Tree Trimming Services Addendum 1.pdf
19-060-RFP-0009 Tree Trimming Services.pdf
19-440-QTE-0018 Addendum 1.pdf
19-440-QTE-0018 HQS Inspectors.pdf
Legal Services Unlawful Detainer.pdf
Postage Meter and Mail Equipment Addendum 1.pdf
Postage Meter and Mail Equipment.pdf


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