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This Addendum is intended to clarify the Authority’s goal with regard to Solicitation #23-440-RFP 0004.

With the intention of distributing 200 PBVs between as many properties within specified zip codes as possible, the Authority has opted not to award more than 25% of the total units in a property. If 25% of total units would result in an award of less than four (4) units, the property will not be qualified for this particular solicitation. As stated in Addendum #2, applicants requesting an award for less than four (4) units may be better served by seeking referrals of tenant-based voucher holders to fill any unit vacancies within their properties.

Adding additional units to properties with existing HAP contracts is also not the focus of this solicitation.

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11/20/23 approx. 2:00pm: Authority posts announcement and link to RFP and Application for project-based vouchers

11/20/23 approx. 6:30pm: Authority becomes aware link provides the Application only

11/21/23 approx. 9:00am: Authority attaches a combined RFP and Application to the link


The Original posting did not include the RFP document. All Applications will be reviewed for responsiveness based on the RFP. Respondents are encouraged to return to the partnership opportunities page to view the RFP now that the error has been corrected and the RFP is attached. All documents including: the original RFP, application, and addendums can be found on the resources and forms page.

The Housing Authority of the City and County of San Francisco (Authority) invites property Owners to submit a written proposal demonstrating their project eligibility, qualifications, and interest in securing Project Based Vouchers (PBV) under the Housing Choice Voucher (HCV) Program that will serve families in need of housing in San Francisco. 

DURATION: Proposals will be accepted on a FIRST-COME, FIRST-SERVED rolling basis. Evaluations will occur every Monday with the first round of evaluations occurring on December 4, 2023. Notice of Owner Selections will be posted every Friday with the first round of selections occurring on December 8, 2023. Awards will be issued until the following award percentages are achieved: Transitional Aged Youth=15 units; Elderly=53 units; Disabled=58 units. This solicitation will end on December 15, 2023 or until available PBV assistance has been committed.

Opens Monday, October 23, 2023 starting at 8:00 AM Pacific Time

Closes Monday, November 6, 2023 at 5:00 PM Pacific Time*

*Applications are estimated to take 10-20 minutes to complete. Applications not submitted by 5:00 PM on the closing date will not be processed further.

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The Housing Authority of the City and County of San Francisco (Authority) is actively seeking new property owners to participate in the Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher (HCV) program. The Section 8 HCV program provides housing assistance to eligible individuals and families by paying a portion of their rent to private property owners. It benefits tenants by making housing more affordable and property owners by ensuring a consistent rental income stream.