COVID-19 Schedule and Update
Due to COVID-19, in order to keep our community and employees safe, the Authority strongly encourages virtual communication. The Authority is available via phone and e-mail from 8 AM to 5 PM Monday through Friday. Our Customer Care Team is fully operational.

If you're an applicant, participant, landlord, neighbor, or community member, we invite you to find information on our website by selecting the appropriate drop-down menu. For questions and concerns, to schedule an appointment, or to turn in a document, please call or e-mail the following programs:


Call: (415) 715-5200
Fax: (628) 236-3080
Mail: 1815 Egbert Ave, San Francisco, CA 94124

Call: (650) 356-8353
Mail: 1815 Egbert Ave, San Francisco, CA 94124

Call: (415) 715-2225 or (415) 715-3835
Mail: 1095 Connecticut St, San Francisco, CA 94107

Call: (415) 715-2311 or (415) 715-2312
Mail: 1654 Sunnydale Ave, San Francisco, CA 94134

The California Public Records Act provides the public with the right to access public records in the possession of public agencies and the Brown Act governs the public right's to attend local government meetings.

Public Records Requests
You can make a request for public records by emailing the Authority at

Service fees: The Authority may charge 25 cents per page for copying documents. 

Service of Subpoenas
Direct all subpoenas to the Legal Department. Prior to service, please schedule in-person acceptance via email at

Employee's personal business: Process servers are not permitted at the Authority’s locations to personally serve an employee in a private matter. California law permits the process server to serve a subpoena at the work site after three unsuccessful attempts to serve a person at home. In such cases, subpoenas may be accepted by the Legal Department at 1815 Egbert Ave. The subpoena will then be forwarded to the relevant employee.

Witness fees: A witness fee will be charged when requesting employees to testify or be deposed.